NAPEI Representations

NAPEI represents its members annually in various government agencies:

  • Multimedia Super Corridor Education Advisory Panel
  • Jawatan Kuasa Latihan and Pendidikan IT, Intan
  • Jawatan Kuasa Kumpulan Kerja Kajian Sektor Pelam Induk K Ekonomi
  • Jawatan Kuasa Teknikal Latihan Guru – Schools Division
  • The National Consultative Council on Private Education

NAPEI Participation as a Voice of Malaysian Private Education

  • Recruitment of PRC students by JPS
  • Workshop on Promotion by Matrade
  • Workshop on Rating IPTS by LAN
  • Workshop on Term of Reference on Master plan - IPTS for 2001-2010
  • Meeting with Minister of Education
  • Dialogue on Issues on Higher education with JPT
  • Audit & study on the development of Public and Private sector educational facilities as a source of foreign exchange
  • Seminar on entrance requirements to IPTS
  • Dialogue with chief secretary of MOE
  • Budget paper to the Treasury